Minecraft Mods and Patches

By Andreas Renberg (IQAndreas)

IQAndreas MineCraft Fixes

A collection if my favorite fixes to MineCraft.

  • Insta-break items (such as torches and redstone) don’t damage tools.
  • Using a lava bucket in a furnace does not consume the bucket.
  • Endermen drop the blocks they are holding (such as grass and melons) when killed. This is a great way to get grass blocks without the Silk Touch enchantment.
  • Pumpkins don’t require a solid block beneath them when placed and can therefore be placed on ceilings and walls.

  • The following recepies have become shapeless:

    • Flint and steel
    • Jack-o-lanterns
    • Sticky pistons
    • Storage minecarts
    • Powered minecarts

This is a Patch, not a Mod

It will not affect your world save
No new items or blocks will be added to your maps. This means the mod can be uninstalled, reinstalled, or MineCraft upgraded (causing the patch to automatically uninstall) without any issues.

It does not require any mod APIs
This patch modifies base classes in the MineCraft source code. No mod APIs are required to use it, nor can it be modified to use a mod API rather than modifying base classes (hooks just won’t cut it!).


IQAndreas Fixes v1.2.5-03 (for MineCraft 1.2.5 Client)

This download is for the client version of the mod. Contact me (using either the comment form below or on GitHub) if you need the server version.


This mod does not work with with the following mods. If you need mod compatability, contact me for a compatible version.

The installation process is the same as most other MineCraft mods. See INSTALLATION (also included in the ZIP) for full installation instructions.

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Terms of use

To recommend changes to the source code or request features

Parts of the code owned by Mojang AB (used with permission)
Parts of the code owned by Andreas Renberg (IQAndreas)

The source is open so fixes can be recommended, but any use of the source or compiled code outside of the project (including using it in other mods) is strictly prohibited.

If you want to use any part of the code in your own mods you need written permission from the author (Andreas Renberg), who can be contacted via the GitHub account “IQAndreas”.

See LICENSE for full terms of use.