Minecraft Mods and Patches

By Andreas Renberg (IQAndreas)

Suggestion: Logical Operators in Command Blocks

Why use three command blocks, when one would suffice?

For a developer, the standard && and || operators would be pure gold. This would also require commands to have return values or exit codes, which is simple enough to implement as well.

This would allow multiple commands to be run from the same command block, which for example would allow you to use a testfor and the target command in a more compact way.

In the same category is the “end of line” character (represented by ; in every object oriented language that I can think of) which would allow the additional commands to be executed regardless of whether or not the previous command was successful.

This time, rather than create a mod for the features I want, I added the suggestions to Reddit (so if you use Reddit, show them some love):

New Website and YouTube Page

Most people who are here for the Minecraft mods are not interested in programming (but if you are, kudos to you, and if you follow me on Twitter I may have something in store for you in the near future). So, I have separated this part of the site off from my regular programming blog, and have done the same for my YouTube account.

So, if you are interested in following the progress on any of my mods, or want to be notified when new mods or patches are out, you can follow us on any of the following media:

I also still have my old faithful Twitter account which is geared more towards other developers, but if there is enough interest, let me know and I will create a separate Twitter account just for my Minecraft mods.

Now, let’s get some of my old mods updated to 1.6.2 and beyond.