Minecraft Mods and Patches

By Andreas Renberg (IQAndreas)

IQAndreas MineCraft Mods and Patches

The following are installable mods and patches for the award-winning sandbox game MineCraft.

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the mods and patches are 100% compatible with each other.

NOTICE: Due to changes in GitHub’s downloads API, the links to the compiled ZIPs are no longer available, however, the source code for the mods is still available.


MineCraft is great, but it’s not perfect. Pop these classes into your JAR to fix some common annoyances with MineCraft. Some of these fixes I genuinely feel should be in the vanilla game, others are made by request (even if I may not agree that they should be in the game for balance or other reasons). Pick and choose for your self which ones you like.

Patches are slightly different from mods. While mods may add new items or change game mechanics and objectives, a patch is meant to “fix” or “suppliment” MineCraft (but it’s installed to the JAR just like standard “mods”).

It will not affect your world save
No new items or blocks will be added to your maps. This means the mod can be uninstalled, reinstalled, or MineCraft upgraded (causing the patch to automatically uninstall) without any issues.

It does not require any mod APIs
This patch modifies base classes in the MineCraft source code. No mod APIs are required to use it, nor can it be modified to use a mod API rather than modifying base classes (hooks just won’t cut it!).

Available patches

No More Void Fog!
Is void fog hiding your underground structures? This patch will add an option in the “Video Settings” to disable or reduce void fog.

IQAndreas Fixes
A collection if my personal fixes to MineCraft. I really wish these were in the real game!

Water Fixes
Fixes the two most annoying water bugs in MineCraft!

Leaves Fixes
Patch that makes leaves more appealing to break yourself, rather than waiting for them to decay naturally.

Snow Fixes
Snow biomes look a little bit nicer now.

Cauldron Fixes
Cauldrons now work as magical 1x1 infinite water source blocks.

Boat Fixes
Boats now drop as items when broken.

No More Ender Griefing!
Tired of Endermen destroying your world? This patch removes ender griefing completely.

No More Creeper Griefing!
Creepers no longer destroy blocks when they explode (but they can still hurt you or other entities).

No More Ghast Griefing!
Fireballs from Ghasts no longer explode and destroy blocks (but they can still hurt you or other entities).

No More Silverfish Griefing!
This patch prevents your bulidings from being destroyed by silverfish.

No More TNT Griefing!
TNT no longer destroys blocks when it explodes (but it can still hurt you or other entities).

No More Water Griefing!
Patch that prevents your redstone circuits from being griefed by flowing water.

Adjustable Anaglyph
Fine tune the 3d anaglyph settings in the “Video Settings” with this patch.

Do you have any ideas for mods, or fixes you want made to MineCraft? Leave a comment below!